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Class 108, Gospel of Luke, 7:14-17

Last commentary on the raising of the widow's son of Nain, introduction to section 18-35 concerning St. John the Forerunner's disciples and Christ. … [Read more...]

Class 107, Gospel of Luke, 7:11-13

Story of the raising of the widow of Nain's son … [Read more...]

Class 106, Gospel of Luke, 7:7-10

Conclusion of the story of the Centurion and his servant, intro to the raising of the widow of Nain's son. … [Read more...]

Class 105, Gospel of Luke, 7:2-6

The story of the Centurion's faith … [Read more...]

Class 104, Gospel of Luke, 6:47-7:1

Conclusion of the Sermon on the Plain and Introduction to Chapter 7. … [Read more...]

Class 103, Gospel of Luke, 6:43-46

Last section of chapter 6 on hypocrisy … [Read more...]

Class 102, Gospel of Luke, 6:39-42

On mercy and the refusal to judge one's neighbor … [Read more...]

Class 101, Gospel of Luke, 6:35-38

Sermon on the Plain … [Read more...]

Class 100, Gospel of Luke, 6:27-34

A walk through each verse and its meaning … [Read more...]

Class 99, Gospel of Luke, 6.22-26

The last beatitudes and the woes … [Read more...]

Class 98, Gospel of Luke, 6.21

2nd beatitude in the Sermon on the Plain … [Read more...]

Class 97, Gospel of Luke, 6.20

Concluding introductory remarks on the Sermon on the Mount, explanation of the first beatitude. … [Read more...]

Class 96, Gospel of Luke, 6.14-19

The calling of the 12 and an introduction to the Sermon on the Plain … [Read more...]

Class 95, Gospel of Luke, 6.12-13

The calling of the 12 … [Read more...]

Class 94, Gospel of Luke, 6.10-11

Last discussion of Sabbath controversy and introduction of vv. 12-16, the call of the 12 apostles … [Read more...]

Class 93, Gospel of Luke, 6.3-9

Part 2 of vv.1-5, and part 1 of vv.6-11 … [Read more...]

Class 92, Gospel of Luke, 6.1-5, Part 1

Controversy of the Sabbath, Disciples eating heads of grain … [Read more...]

Class 91, Gospel of Luke, 5.33-39, Part 2, Intro to Ch. 6

Last discussion on chapter 5 and opening remarks on chapter 6 … [Read more...]