Parishioner to Parishioner

This short five part series offers brief reflections by members of our community of topics related to the spiritual life of the church. Topics include: The Royal Priesthood of Believers, Church Design and Architecture, Iconograpy, Orthodox family life and Music.

The Royal Priesthood of Christ

Dn. Mark talks about and use math to prove the importance of all members of Christ's Royal Priesthood, including the laity. Click here to look at … [Read more...]

Parishioner to Parishioner, part III, Icons

In this third part of our series entitled Parishioner to Parishioner noted author Jean Hoefling discusses icons, iconography and their place within … [Read more...]

Parishioner to Parishioner Series, Part IV, How can I explain Orthodoxy

In this fourth part of a five part series Jason Mantas discusses the difficulty and necessity of sharing the Orthodox faith. … [Read more...]

Parishioner to Parishioner, Part V, Music, Charlotte Todd

In this final part of our series, Charlotte Todd, discusses the origin, development of and need for sacred music in one's persona spiritual life. … [Read more...]