Podcast Series Synopses

Orthodoxy Live

On November 18th, Fr. Evan began a new live radio program which runs on the 1st and 3rd Sunday each month. You can stream on your computer, mobile device or tablet at Ancient Faith Radio. Click here to learn more.


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100 Readings in Scripture
Take a journey with us through Holy Scripture from the Book of Genesis through Revelation. This journey will lead us through the major events of salvation history and explore the rich themes and theological meaning of each passage. We will pay special attention to the Church’s interpretation and understanding of these passages of Holy Scripture and how they relate to our lives as Christians.

Adult Church School
Beginning in the Fall 2012, these short sermons are an Adult Catechism series offered before Liturgy each week. Fr. Evan teaches on a wide range of subjects, covering the elements of the Orthodox faith, church, scripture, spiritual life, and more.

The Christian Life
“The Christian Life” is a series that investigates the basics of Christian living and spiritual transformation. The basis for our reflection is the wisdom of the desert fathers and the spiritual tools and methods used by them and adopted by the Church.

Conversations Concerning Our Common Faith
The recordings under “Conversations Concerning Our Common Faith” are explorations through dialogue. Using a format and without prepared notes this series seeks to further our understanding of our Faith bringing us closer to Christ.

12 Great Feasts of the Orthodox Church
In this seminar Fr. Evan explores the context, tradition, theology, scripture, hymns, iconography, practices and readings of one of the Great Feasts of the Orthodox Church. The class will provide believers with a deeper understanding of the spiritual and liturgical life of the Church and help individual Christians grow closer in their relationship with Jesus Christ.

Holy Week Class
In this sermon series, Father Evan examines some of the theological and liturgical traditions and teachings of the Church found in our Holy Week services.

Introduction to Orthodoxy Classes
This online course is designed to introduce the basic concepts of Orthodox theology and practice. It is a perfect course for those seeking to learn more about the Orthodox Church as well as a much needed review of the basic teachings of the faith for those who are Orthodox.

Orthodox Potpourri
This class is a discussion on different topics such as: services, feastdays, fasting, colors, Orthodox homes, etc. with Fr. Evan.

Parishioner to Parishioner
This short five part series offers brief reflections by members of our community of topics related to the spiritual life of the church. Topics include: The Royal Priesthood of Believers, Church Design and Architecture, Iconograpy, Orthodox family life and Music.

A Re-introduction to the Orthodox Faith
In this series Father Evan returns to a discussion on the basic teachings of the Orthodox Faith. This class is a perfect fit for those learning about Orthodoxy for the first time or for those who grew up Orthodox but were unsure about the traditions and theology of the Church.

Sunday Worship
The Sunday Worship Seminar is designed to give people a practical and theological look into the Divine services of the Orthodox Church. In this seminar we focus on the services and prayers that are read during a typical Sunday morning. The series begins with a look at the Entrance Prayers and continues with an exploration of the Prayer of Preparation or Oblation, known also as the Proskomide. After this our seminar examines the service of Matins or Orthoros and then concludes with a detailed review of the Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom. Finally, this seminar will enhance not only one’s understanding of this service but will serve to increase the spiritual life of every Christian and their personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Bible Study

100 Readings in Scripture
Take a journey with us through Holy Scripture from the Book of Genesis through Revelation. This journey will lead us through the major events of salvation history and explore the rich themes and theological meaning of each passage. We will pay special attention to the Church’s interpretation and understanding of these passages of Holy Scripture and how they relate to our lives as Christians.

Matthew Survey
Course Objectives:
To study and become familiar with the basic concepts and themes contained within the Gospel of Matthew, to become familiar with elements of Church teaching and doctrine related to the Gospel of Matthew, and to recognize and understand some of the teachings of the fathers related to the Gospel of Matthew.

Matthew Classes: In-Depth
This class is an in-depth look at the Gospel of Matthew. In this series we follow the text of the Gospel of Matthew comparing its English translation to the original Greek text. In addition, we are examining the meaning of the text in light of the Patristic tradition of the Orthodox Church.

Gospel of Mark
This class is a look at the Gospel of Mark, its major themes, author, differences between Matthew and Luke. We will examine the theology of this Gospel from the Patristic standpoint as well as modern scholarship.

Gospel of Luke
In this study on the Gospel of Luke, Fr. Evan takes a detailed look going verse by verse through the last of the three Synoptic Gospels. The study incorporates the writings of the Holy Fathers and Saints of the Church, modern scholarship, Church tradition and liturgical life as well as Fr. Evan’s experiences as a pastor to give a complete picture of Saint Luke’s writings.

New Testament Survey
In this on-line course we will learn the content of the New Testament. Students will also be able to identify certain apostolic, early and later patristic fathers and will be familiar with their teachings and writings. Students will be able to connect and identify certain patristic writings and their origin in the New Testament. Students will become familiar with some of the patristic themes and how they relate to early Christian thought and practice.

Parables Classes
Some of our Lord’s most vivid teaching comes through the use of the Parable. In this class we look at all the Parables of our Lord, investigating, their meaning, teaching, and impact on our faith.

Book Study

The Cloister Walk, by Kathleen Norris
This study ompares the religious life (monastic life) with secular living. The seminar attempts to find a place where the two intersect, where the one supersedes the other. The class looks at our path(s) in and out of both, and investigates areas of growth.

Discovering the Rich Heritage of Orthodoxy, by Fr. Charles Bell, PhD
This short work by Fr. Charles Bell offers a straightforward explanation of some of the most important questions regarding the Orthodox faith. It is a wonderful refresher for those who grew up in the Church and an excellent introduction to those looking into the Church.

In the Heart of the Desert, by Dn. John Chryssavgis
In this book study we discuss the work by Dn. John that examines the spiritual treasures, teachings and spirituality of the Desert Fathers and Mothers.

Our Thoughts Determine our Lives, by Elder Thaddeus of Vitovnica
This study covers a range of topics from family life to prayer where the state of our thoughts can determine the tranquility or disturbance of our lives.

Retreats & Seminars

Advent Retreat 2013 with Fr. John Chryssavgis
This podcast comes from Sts. Peter and Paul in Boulder, CO during a spiritual retreat for the beginning of the Nativity Fast (40 days before Christmas).

Advent Retreat, 2007
The season of Advent is often overlooked. Yet this time before the celebration of our Lord’s Nativity is a wonderful time of prayer and preparation. In this retreat we examine some of the themes of this ancient Christian season.

Answering Tough Questions about Orthodoxy
Various questions and answers are given about our Orthodox Faith.

Clean Monday Retreat
The start of Great Lent is an opportunity to put into focus our commitment to Christ. This short series challenges Christians to recommit themselves to a daily relationship with Jesus Christ.

Living In Christ: Refocusing Our Lives on Christ and His Kingdom, Daily
In these recordings Dr. Philip Mamalakis, Professor of Pastoral Care and Counseling at Holy Cross Greek Orthodox Seminary in Brookline, MA offers the unique perspective of the Orthodox Faith on family, parenting, marriage and relationships. Dr. Mamalakis’ insight into the timeless wisdom of Holy Scripture, the Church Fathers and Pastoral Care offers listeners a fresh and powerful perspective.

Orthodox On Purpose
Have you ever wondered how to live a truly Christian life? Where does one begin to live the call of Christ and the Gospel? What practical steps does a Christian take to live daily for Jesus and follow His teachings and commandments? In this series Fr. Evan Armatas explores the beginning of his Christian walk and the experience of living Orthodoxy on purpose. Lecture 1: Unlocking what you already know in your heart, Lecture 2: 10 Things you should know about the Orthodox Faith, Lecture 3: 10 Things you should practice in the Orthodox Faith

St. Paisius Pilgrimage 2011
Here various thoughts and spiritual gems while on retreat at St. Paisius monastery.

The Divine Liturgy in Church, in the Home and with One Another
Fr. George Dokos is a well known Patristic’s scholar and a parish priest. In this series Father George looks at the liturgical life of the parish, specifically the liturgy and relates it to living our faith in the home and in daily life.

Transforming our Lives in Christ
Fr. Evan Armatas offers a Lenten Retreat on Clean Monday, this is a three part series. The first class looks at the beginning of the Christian life. In the second we examine the Person of Jesus Christ through the Holy Scriptures. The final class is a look at Great Lent and how it can be the beginning of our transformation.

Future Church Home

Follow the link to listen to Future Church Home Presentations in our podcast library.