Week 2, Lighting your lamp to meet the Bridegroom, Coronavirus

In this second sermon in a series during Great Lent Fr. Evan addressed the need to fuel our lamps with mercy. He also addresses the concerns and … [Read more...]

Week 1, Lighting your lamp to meet the Bridegroom

1st Sunday of Lent, our Lenten journey's theme, Lighting our Lamps to meet the Bridegroom … [Read more...]

A self imposed prison, Matthew, 6:14-21, Forgiveness Sunday

Withholding forgiveness places you and me in a prison … [Read more...]

Serving the Poor, Judgment Sunday, Matthew 25:31-46

What does it mean to be judged by God, what will His judgment be? … [Read more...]

I know who you are, Luke 15.11-32

Forgetting God and forgetting who we are is the beginning of sin, what about remembering what does that do for us? … [Read more...]

Doors, Luke 18.10-14

Doors can act as both a barrier and entry point, what does the Parable of the Publican and Pharisee tell us? … [Read more...]

Meetings, Luke 2.22-40

Every day millions of meetings occur, are some actually important? … [Read more...]

Christ in our homes, Luke 19.1-10

The story of Zaccheus is mentioned in the prayers for house blessings, what is the connection? … [Read more...]

Luke, 17.12-19, 10 Lepers

10 Lepers are healed, the Gospel reminds us how precious each of us is to God. … [Read more...]