Discovering the Rich Heritage of Orthodoxy

by Fr. Charles Bell, PhD
This short work by Fr. Charles Bell offers a straightforward explanation of some of the most important questions regarding the Orthodox faith. It is a wonderful refresher for those who grew up in the Church and an excellent introduction to those looking into the Church.

Class 1

Introduction, Chapter 1: The Journey Begins, Chapter 2: The True Church … [Read more...]

Class 2, Chapter 3, Worship of the Church

In class 2 we examine the liturgical worship of the Church of Christ … [Read more...]

Class 3, Chapter 4, What about Mary?, Chapter 5, Saints Alive!

Class number 3 in our series covering chapter 4 about Mary and chapter 5 about Saints. … [Read more...]

Class 4, Chapter 6, The Physical side of Spirituality, Chapter 7, The Eucharist

Chapter 6 and Chapter 7 of book study … [Read more...]

Class 5, Chapter 8: Scripture and Tradition, Chapter 9: The Path of Spirituality

Chs. 8 and 9, Scripture and Tradition and The Path of Spirituality … [Read more...]