Adult Church School

Beginning in the Fall 2012, these short sermons are an Adult Catechism series offered before Liturgy each week. Fr. Evan teaches on a wide range of subjects, covering the elements of the Orthodox faith, church, scripture, spiritual life, and more.

Intro and Sacred Space

In this first class Fr. Evan discusses sacred space and its importance in establishing our Christian life. … [Read more...]


In this second class Fr. Evan concludes his discussion on sacred space and begins an exploration into prayer. … [Read more...]

Rhythm and Balance

How does rhythm and balance positively affect the spiritual life. … [Read more...]

Balance & Confession

A conversation on balance/rhythm and confession in the Church … [Read more...]

Confession Part II

Fr. Evan describes confession, preparation for, and the relationship between the penitent and spiritual father … [Read more...]

Confession part III

Confession discussion … [Read more...]

Confession part IV, Intro to the Eucharist

Final discussion on confession and an introduction to the Eucharist … [Read more...]

Communion, part II

The discussion on the Eucharist continues. … [Read more...]

Communion, Part III

In this class we begin a scriptural analysis of the meaning of the Eucharist … [Read more...]