Bible Studies

Series Synopses

The Sunday Gospels of Great Lent
Father Evan discusses the meaning of the Gospels of Great Lent and their impact on our daily life in Christ.

Parables Classes
Some of our Lord’s most vivid teaching comes through the use of the Parable. In this class we look at all the Parables of our Lord, investigating, their meaning, teaching, and impact on our faith.

New Testament Survey
In this on-line course we will learn the content of the New Testament. Students will also be able to identify certain apostolic, early and later patristic fathers and will be familiar with their teachings and writings. Students will be able to connect and identify certain patristic writings and their origin in the New Testament. Students will become familiar with some of the patristic themes and how they relate to early Christian thought and practice.

Matthew Survey
Course Objectives:
To study and become familiar with the basic concepts and themes contained within the Gospel of Matthew, to become familiar with elements of Church teaching and doctrine related to the Gospel of Matthew, and to recognize and understand some of the teachings of the fathers related to the Gospel of Matthew.

Matthew Classes: In-Depth
This class is an in-depth look at the Gospel of Matthew. In this series we follow the text of the Gospel of Matthew comparing its English translation to the original Greek text. In addition, we are examining the meaning of the text in light of the Patristic tradition of the Orthodox Church.

Gospel of Mark
This class is a look at the Gospel of Mark, its major themes, author, differences between Matthew and Luke. We will examine the theology of this Gospel from the Patristic standpoint as well as modern scholarship.

100 Readings in Scripture
Take a journey with us through Holy Scripture from the Book of Genesis through Revelation. This journey will lead us through the major events of salvation history and explore the rich themes and theological meaning of each passage. We will pay special attention to the Church’s interpretation and understanding of these passages of Holy Scripture and how they relate to our lives as Christians.