Our Thoughts Determine our Lives,

by Elder Thaddeus of Vitovnica
This study covers a range of topics from family life to prayer where the state of our thoughts can determine the tranquility or disturbance of our lives.

Ch. 3, On Humility

A lecture on the third chapter of Our Thoughts Determine our Lives covering the topic of humility … [Read more...]

Ch. 9, Spiritual Struggle

Class and discussion on ch. 9 … [Read more...]

Mark 9.17-31

Our Thoughts Determine our Lives, Ch. 10 Sunday of St. John of the Ladder Dn. Mark O'Dell … [Read more...]

Ch. 10, Spiritual Struggle

Dn. Mark O'Dell Class and discussion on Ch. 10 … [Read more...]

Ch. 12, On Inner Peace

A short discussion on chapter 12 … [Read more...]

chapter 13, On Spiritual Struggle

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