Gospel of Matthew, indepth

This class is an in-depth look at the Gospel of Matthew. In this series we follow the text of the Gospel of Matthew comparing its English translation to the original Greek text. In addition, we are examining the meaning of the text in light of the Patristic tradition of the Orthodox Church.

Gospel of Matthew, in-depth, Chapter 28, introduction

Introduction to the final chapter of Matthew's Gospel … [Read more...]

Gospel of Matthew, 28.1-5

[Read more...]

Gospel of Matthew indepth, 28.5

Discussion about resurrection and resurrected life … [Read more...]

Gospel of Matthew, in-depth, 28.5-10

The women at the tomb … [Read more...]

Gospel of Matthew, in-depth, 28.11-15

The deception of the Jewish Leadership … [Read more...]

Gospel of Matthew, 28.16-20, Final Lecture

Final lecture on Matthew, the Great Commission. … [Read more...]