100 Readings in Scripture

Take a journey with us through Holy Scripture from the Book of Genesis through Revelation. This journey will lead us through the major events of salvation history and explore the rich themes and theological meaning of each passage. We will pay special attention to the Church’s interpretation and understanding of these passages of Holy Scripture and how they relate to our lives as Christians. To follow along, download the 100 Scripture Readings List.

Class 10, Jacob and Essau Compete, Part I, Genesis 27.1-28.22

Dn. Mark O'Dell … [Read more...]

Class 11, Jacob and Esau compete, Part II, Genesis 27.1-28.22

2nd part in our explanation of this passage … [Read more...]

Class 12, Jacob and Esau Reconcile, Genesis 32.1-33.20

Jacob and Esau reconcile … [Read more...]

Intro to Holy Scripture

An introduction to the reading of Holy Scripture … [Read more...]

Genesis 3.1-24

The Fall … [Read more...]

Gn. 6.5-7.24, The Flood

The Flood … [Read more...]

Gn. 8.1-9.17, God’s Covenant with Noah

God's covenant with Noah … [Read more...]

The Tower of Babel, Genesis 11.1-9

[Read more...]

The Call of Abram, Genesis 12.1-20

The Call of Abram … [Read more...]

The Covenant with Abram, Genesis 15.1-21

God's covenant with Abram … [Read more...]

Genesis, 21.1-22.19

Isaac's birth and sacrifice … [Read more...]

100 Readings in Scripture, Genesis, 32.1-33.20

Jacob and Esau reconcile … [Read more...]

Class 13, Sold into slavery, Genesis, 37.1-36, 100 Readings in Scripture

First of five lectures on the person of Joseph. … [Read more...]

Class 14, Prison and Promotion, Genesis, 39.1-41.57, 100 Readings in Scripture

Second in five lectures on the person of Joseph … [Read more...]

Class 15, Ten brothers go to Egypt, Genesis, 42.1-38, 100 Readings in Scripture

Third in five lectures on the person of Joseph … [Read more...]

Class 16, The Brothers Return, Genesis 43.1-44

Joseph's brothers return … [Read more...]

Class 17, Joseph reveals his identity, Genesis, 45.1-46.7

[Read more...]

Class 18, The Birth of Moses, 1.1-2.25

A beginning commentary on the book of Exodus and Moses' birth … [Read more...]