Series Synopses

Advent Retreat 2013 with Fr. John Chryssavgis
This podcast comes from Sts. Peter and Paul in Boulder, CO during a spiritual retreat for the beginning of the Nativity Fast (40 days before Christmas).

Advent Retreat, 2007
The season of Advent is often overlooked. Yet this time before the celebration of our Lord’s Nativity is a wonderful time of prayer and preparation. In this retreat we examine some of the themes of this ancient Christian season.

Answering Tough Questions about Orthodoxy
Various questions and answers are given about our Orthodox Faith.

Clean Monday Retreat
The start of Great Lent is an opportunity to put into focus our commitment to Christ. This short series challenges Christians to recommit themselves to a daily relationship with Jesus Christ.

Living In Christ: Refocusing Our Lives on Christ and His Kingdom, Daily
In these recordings Dr. Philip Mamalakis, Professor of Pastoral Care and Counseling at Holy Cross Greek Orthodox Seminary in Brookline, MA offers the unique perspective of the Orthodox Faith on family, parenting, marriage and relationships. Dr. Mamalakis’ insight into the timeless wisdom of Holy Scripture, the Church Fathers and Pastoral Care offers listeners a fresh and powerful perspective.

Orthodox On Purpose
Have you ever wondered how to live a truly Christian life? Where does one begin to live the call of Christ and the Gospel? What practical steps does a Christian take to live daily for Jesus and follow His teachings and commandments? In this series Fr. Evan Armatas explores the beginning of his Christian walk and the experience of living Orthodoxy on purpose. Lecture 1: Unlocking what you already know in your heart, Lecture 2: 10 Things you should know about the Orthodox Faith, Lecture 3: 10 Things you should practice in the Orthodox Faith

St. Paisius Pilgrimage 2011
Here various thoughts and spiritual gems while on retreat at St. Paisius monastery.

The Divine Liturgy in Church, in the Home and with One Another
Fr. George Dokos is a well known Patristic’s scholar and a parish priest. In this series Father George looks at the liturgical life of the parish, specifically the liturgy and relates it to living our faith in the home and in daily life.

Transforming our Lives in Christ
Fr. Evan Armatas offers a Lenten Retreat on Clean Monday, this is a three part series. The first class looks at the beginning of the Christian life. In the second we examine the Person of Jesus Christ through the Holy Scriptures. The final class is a look at Great Lent and how it can be the beginning of our transformation.

Uncompromising Faith in Compromising Times
In this one day retreat Fr. Evan looks at the idea of Uncompromising Faith in Compromising Time in two parts. In part one, Elements of Faith that Matter, Fr. Evan sets up the challenge of maintaining faith in a world of compromising times. In part two, Walking and Standing in Faith, Fr. Evan investigates the practical aspects of keeping one’s faith alive. This retreat was offered at the parish of St. Demetrios in Elmhurst, Illinois as part of their annual St. Demetrios feast day celebrations.