The Treasure of Peace

The 3rd in a four-part series on the Treasures of Orthodoxy, Fr. Evan discusses the Treasure of Peace. … [Read more...]

The Treasure of the Present

Part II, in our four-part series on the Treasures of Orthodoxy. … [Read more...]

The Treasure of the Soul

Part I in a four-part series on the Treasures of Orthodoxy. … [Read more...]

John, 3.13-17

How does the Cross turn the bitterness of death into something sweet? … [Read more...]

Parable of the Banquet, Matthew, 22.2-14

How often might we pave over paradise and put up a parking lot? Being present to the eternal and the important isn't easy. In this sermon Fr. Evan … [Read more...]

Matthew, 21.33-42

In this sermon Father Evan discusses the Parable of the vineyard and the wicked tenants. He explains the value and meaning of the wine press. … [Read more...]

Matthew, 19.16-26

What must I do to inherit eternal life? That is a great question, but do we want an answer? And if we do are we willing to do what it takes? All these … [Read more...]

Matthew, 18.22-35

In this sermon Father Evan discusses the difficulty of forgiving. He explores the process of forgiveness and how we make it part of our daily … [Read more...]

God’s abiding Providence, Matthew, 17.14-23

In the first liturgy in our new temple/church, Father Evan, describes the great Providence of God, His abiding presence, and the miracles that have … [Read more...]

Vespers, Opening weekend

In this sermon Father Evan describes the Journey of Faith that brought the community of Saint Spyridon to this opening weekend in their new church … [Read more...]

Matthew, 14.22-34, Moving into our new home

Using the Gospel of Matthew 14.22-34 (The Disciples in a boat in a storm and Peter walking on water) as a backdrop Fr. Evan discusses the journey the … [Read more...]

Matthew, 14.14-22

A eulogy for Colette. Father Evan discusses the passing of a podcast listener. … [Read more...]

Matthew, 5.14-19

How the Saints draw us closer to Christ and how we can imitate them. … [Read more...]

Matthew, 9.1-8

What is most important? … [Read more...]

Sts. Cosmas and Damianos

The value of being a saint … [Read more...]

The Nativity of St. John the Forerunner

Why is St. John's birth so important? … [Read more...]

Father’s Day

Remembering the importance of Fathers and giving thanks. … [Read more...]

Matthew, 4.18-23

Moving into our new sanctuary … [Read more...]