5 Weeks and 5 Senses: Touch

4th sermon in a series on the 5 senses … [Read more...]

5 weeks and 5 senses, Sermon: Smell

Part III in our series on the senses … [Read more...]

Taste, 5 weeks and 5 senses

Brian Stefanovic … [Read more...]

5 weeks, 5 senses, week 2, Hearing

Week 2, we examine the sense hearing and how this is related to bringing the whole self to Christ. … [Read more...]

Intro, Sermon Series 5 weeks/5 senses

In this first sermon of a series on our 5 senses, Fr. Evan describes what it means to bring the whole self to Christ. This sermon series will be … [Read more...]

Another sermon on Love

One more sermon, 3rd one on love, getting us ready for Lent, acts of love. … [Read more...]

Rules, part 2, I can’t

From the perspective of the Parable of the Prodigal Son how is that we learn to love? … [Read more...]

We are all icons

On the occasion of the unveiling of our parish's new iconography we learn that we are all icons of God. … [Read more...]

Rules, what are they for?

Looking at the Parable of the Publican and the Pharisee we look at the "rules" of the Church, Scripture and our Faith and ask what are they for? … [Read more...]


Dreams and their fulfillment. … [Read more...]


Fr. Apostolos This last sermon in a series on the parish's vision and mission looks at the word community. … [Read more...]


This 3rd sermon on the vision and mission of the parish looks at education. … [Read more...]

Worship, Luke 17:12-19

Using the passage of the ten lepers we look at another key word in our mission, worship. … [Read more...]

Service, Vasilopita

One of the keywords in St. Spyridon's mission is service. In this sermon, we examine how the tradition of baking a vasilopita at the start of the New … [Read more...]

My Baptism, Holy Theophany

How Theophany relates to my baptism … [Read more...]

The Nativity and the Eucharist

What is the connection between this feast and the celebration of the Eucharist? … [Read more...]

What are you wearing

Christmas Eve … [Read more...]

I am a bucket

What does it mean to be a bucket? … [Read more...]