Who do you need?

The paralytic in John's Gospel, chapter 5, states he has, "no man," who is the man to help him? … [Read more...]


Prayer as an essential act of courage, faith, and love as manifested by the Myrrhbearers. … [Read more...]


John 20.19-31, What is with doors and how do they relate to the resurrection? … [Read more...]

Sight, 5 weeks & 5 senses

Sight, 5 weeks & 5 senses … [Read more...]

5 Weeks and 5 Senses: Touch

4th sermon in a series on the 5 senses … [Read more...]

5 weeks and 5 senses, Sermon: Smell

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Taste, 5 weeks and 5 senses

Brian Stefanovic … [Read more...]

5 weeks, 5 senses, week 2, Hearing

Week 2, we examine the sense hearing and how this is related to bringing the whole self to Christ. … [Read more...]

Intro, Sermon Series 5 weeks/5 senses

In this first sermon of a series on our 5 senses, Fr. Evan describes what it means to bring the whole self to Christ. This sermon series will be … [Read more...]