Luke, 7.11-16

Fr. Theodore Dorrance Father Theodore visits our parish and offers a homily on trusting God … [Read more...]

Luke, 5.1-11

Does your sin define and confine you? … [Read more...]

Mark 8.34-38; 9.1

Christ hung naked upon the cross, what does this mean? … [Read more...]

What happened to the Cross? John 3.13-17

Is it possible to forget the Cross of our Lord? Has the Cross like many other things become spiritual white noise? … [Read more...]

New Year

The Ecclesiastical New Year is September 1, what does the new year mean to us. … [Read more...]

Matthew 14:22-34, Getting out of the boat

Nathan Hoppe OCMC missionary Nathan Hoppe visits the parish of Saint Spyridon and poses a challenge to each of us to get out of the boat to follow … [Read more...]

What is ministry really about?

Learning what ministry is came the hard way for Fr. Evan … [Read more...]

The Proper use of Free Will

Fr. Theodore Dorrance Salvation requires our free will how do you use yours? … [Read more...]

What do you need, is it forgiveness?

Have you thought of the fact that what you need from Christ is forgiveness? … [Read more...]