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I’m Christian now what, part III

Numbers 15-23 of Fr. Thomas Hopko's 55 Maxims … [Read more...]

Genesis 3.1-24

The Fall … [Read more...]

I’m Christian now what, part II

Second part in seven part series on Fr. Thomas Hopko's 55 Maxims of the Christian Life, numbers 7-14 … [Read more...]

I’m Christian now what, part I

The first of six maxims.  Based on the 55 maxims developed by Fr. Thomas Hopko … [Read more...]

Intro to Holy Scripture

An introduction to the reading of Holy Scripture … [Read more...]

Class 12, Jacob and Esau Reconcile, Genesis 32.1-33.20

Jacob and Esau reconcile … [Read more...]

Class 11, Jacob and Esau compete, Part II, Genesis 27.1-28.22

2nd part in our explanation of this passage … [Read more...]

Class 10, Jacob and Essau Compete, Part I, Genesis 27.1-28.22

Dn. Mark O'Dell … [Read more...]

Class 9, Isaac’s Birth and the Offering of Isaac, Genesis 21.1-22.19

An explanation of Isaac's birth and the offering of Isaac by his father Abraham … [Read more...]

Class 8, God’s Covenant with Abram, Genesis. 15.1-21

A description of the God's covenant with Abram and its meaning … [Read more...]

Class 7, The Call of Abram, Genesis, 12.1-20

100 Readings in Scripture, The Patriarchs, The Call of Abram … [Read more...]

Class 6, Tower of Babel, Genesis, 11.1-9

Part of our 100 Readings in Scripture, the meaning of the Tower of Babel … [Read more...]

Class 5, Noah’s Covenant, Genesis, 8.1-9.17

The cessation of the flood and God's covenant with Noah. … [Read more...]

Class 4, The Flood, Genesis, 6.5-7.24

A description and interpretation of the story of the Flood and Noah. … [Read more...]

Class 3, The Fall, Genesis 3.1-24

The Fall in Genesis is recounted in chapter 3 what does this story of the Old Testament teach us and how does it relate to our Christian walk today. … [Read more...]

Class 2, Creation, Genesis 1.1-2.25

Explanation of the story of Creation and its meaning, Genesis 1.1-2.25 … [Read more...]

Class 1, Introduction

An introduction to this series. … [Read more...]

Our Thoughts Determine our Lives, Ch.2, On Family Life

On this first Wednesday of Great Lent a lecture on Ch.2 of the work Our Thoughts Determine our Lives covers chapter 2, On Family Life. … [Read more...]