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Class 65, The Gadarene Demoniac, Mark, 5.1-20

An explanation of the possession of the Gadarene Demoniac. … [Read more...]

Class 51, Luke, 3.3-7

Part III, the preaching and message of St. John the Forerunner … [Read more...]

Class 50, Luke, 3.1-2

Part II of St. John the Baptist's preaching and message. … [Read more...]

Class 64, The Blind Man, John, 9.1-42

An explanation of the story of the Blind Man in John's Gospel and its themes. … [Read more...]

Class 49, Luke, 2.50-52

We conclude chapter two and the material related to Jesus' childhood. We begin an introduction to Chapter 3, its themes and an outline for the … [Read more...]

Class 63, Walking on the Water, Matthew 14.22-33

In this 63rd installment of our 100 Readings in Scripture Father Evan explores the passage of Christ walking on the water. … [Read more...]

Class 48, Luke, 2.42-49

Part II, Jesus visits the Temple as a 12-year-old boy. … [Read more...]

Class 61, Lost and Found, Luke, 15.11-32

The Parable of the Prodigal Son … [Read more...]

Class 47, Luke, 2.38-41

Final installment on the Prophet Anna, covering praise and gratitude as spiritual disciplines. Part I on Jesus' visit to the Temple at age 12. … [Read more...]

Class 46, Luke, 2.35-37

Song of Simeon Part IV, we wrap up our conversation of the Song of Simeon and begin our discussion of the Prophetess Anna and the role of women in the … [Read more...]

Class 45, Gospel of Luke, 2.34

Song of Simeon, Part III, How is Christ a stumbling block to humanity? How does Christ heal our humanity? … [Read more...]

Class 44, Gospel of Luke, 2.31-33

Song of Simeon, part II, we cover salvation, God's desire for all to be in His Kingdom, and the marvelous reality of God's Good News … [Read more...]

Class 43, Gospel of Luke, 2.29-30

First part in the Song of Simeon, his departure and meeting with the Lord and the meaning of salvation. … [Read more...]

Class 42, Gospel of Luke

Father Evan goes back to discussing the formation of the Old Testament and New Testament canon and the importance of the discovery of the Dead Sea … [Read more...]

Class 41, Gospel of Luke, 2.25-27

Simeon the Prophet … [Read more...]

Class 40, Gospel of Luke, 2.22-24

40-day Presentation to the Lord … [Read more...]

Class 39, Gospel of Luke, 2.21

Circumcision and naming of Christ … [Read more...]

Class 38, Gospel of Luke, 2.12-20

The visitation of the shepherds … [Read more...]