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Class 57, Gospel of Luke, 3.21-22, part 3

A continuation of our discussion the Holy Trinity … [Read more...]

Class 56, Gospel of Luke, 3.21-22, Part II

In part II on Christ's baptism we discuss the Theology of the Holy Trinity. … [Read more...]

Class 70, The Resurrection

Class 70 in our series of 100 readings on the Resurrection and its meaning to Christianity … [Read more...]

Class 69, The Crucifixion, John, 19.1-42

In our series on Holy Scripture we cover the Crucifixion of Christ. … [Read more...]

Class 55, Gospel of Luke, 3.21-22, part 1

Part I, Baptism of Christ … [Read more...]

Class 68, The Arrest, Betrayal, and Trial of Jesus, John, 18.1-40

A description of Jesus' arrest, betrayal, and trial … [Read more...]

Class 54, Gospel of Luke, 3.15-20

Part VI, the preaching and message of St. John the Forerunner, and an intro to the Baptism of Christ. … [Read more...]

Class 67, The Mystical Supper, Luke, 22.1-46

The meaning of the Eucharist in Holy Scripture … [Read more...]

Class 53, Luke, 3.10-14

Part V, the preaching and message of St. John the Forerunner … [Read more...]

Class 66, The Raising of Lazarus, John, 11.1-46

Father Evan describes the meaning and theology of the passage related to the Raising of Lazarus. … [Read more...]

Class 52, Luke, 3.8-9

Part IV the preaching and message of St. John the Forerunner … [Read more...]

Class 65, The Gadarene Demoniac, Mark, 5.1-20

An explanation of the possession of the Gadarene Demoniac. … [Read more...]

Class 51, Luke, 3.3-7

Part III, the preaching and message of St. John the Forerunner … [Read more...]

Class 50, Luke, 3.1-2

Part II of St. John the Baptist's preaching and message. … [Read more...]

Class 64, The Blind Man, John, 9.1-42

An explanation of the story of the Blind Man in John's Gospel and its themes. … [Read more...]

Class 49, Luke, 2.50-52

We conclude chapter two and the material related to Jesus' childhood. We begin an introduction to Chapter 3, its themes and an outline for the … [Read more...]

Class 63, Walking on the Water, Matthew 14.22-33

In this 63rd installment of our 100 Readings in Scripture Father Evan explores the passage of Christ walking on the water. … [Read more...]

Class 48, Luke, 2.42-49

Part II, Jesus visits the Temple as a 12-year-old boy. … [Read more...]