100 Readings in Scripture

Take a journey with us through Holy Scripture from the Book of Genesis through Revelation. This journey will lead us through the major events of salvation history and explore the rich themes and theological meaning of each passage. We will pay special attention to the Church’s interpretation and understanding of these passages of Holy Scripture and how they relate to our lives as Christians. To follow along, download the 100 Scripture Readings List.

Class 74, Acts 6-7, The Martyrdom of Stephen

What does Stephen's martyrdom mean to the Church and subsequent followers of Jesus. … [Read more...]

Class 75, Acts 8, Evangelism in Samaria & the Ethiopian Eunuch

Acts 8 description and meaning … [Read more...]

Class 76, Gentiles Received, Acts 10-11:18

What does the challenge of receiving non-Jews mean for the emerging Church? … [Read more...]

Class 77, Saul’s conversion & healings by Peter, Acts 9

We investigate the conversion of St. Paul and two healing by Peter. … [Read more...]

Class 78, St. Paul’s 1st Missionary Journey, Acts 13.1-14.28

Brian Stefanovic … [Read more...]

Class 79, The Council at Jerusalem, Acts 15

Decision making, dispute, and church identity, are discussed in this 79th lecture in our 100 lectures on Holy Scripture … [Read more...]

Class 80, Missionary Work, Acts 16-20

The great missionary work of the early church and what it means to us today, Class 80 in our 100 part series. … [Read more...]

Class 81, Paul in Rome, Acts 25-28

Our last class in Acts reviews the incredible growth of the church and the journey that the message of Christ from Jerusalem to Rome. … [Read more...]

82, The 2nd Coming of Christ, 1 Thessalonians 4.13-5.11

Lesson 82 in our series covers the Church's belief and hope in the 2nd Coming of Christ. … [Read more...]

Class 83, A living faith, 1 and 2 Peter

Summaries of the 1st and 2nd letters of St. Peter … [Read more...]

Class 84, The Most Excellent Way, 1 Corinthians 13.1-13

What does it mean to be a person? How does love factor into the making of a human being? … [Read more...]

Class 85, Faith and Works, James 1 and 2

A summation of the importance of faith and works according to the teaching and life of the Church … [Read more...]

Class 87, More than Conquerors, Romans 8

A summary of Romans 8 and its themes, part of our 100 lessons in scripture series … [Read more...]

Class 88, The Fruits of the Spirit, Galatians 5.16-6.10

What does it mean to be at war, flesh, and spirit? … [Read more...]

Class 89, The Armor of God, Ephesians 6.10-20

89th class of our 100 lectures in holy scripture … [Read more...]

Class 90, Rejoice in the Lord, Philippians 4

90th class of our 100 lectures in holy scripture … [Read more...]

Class 91, The Supremacy of Christ, Colossians 1

91st class of our 100 lectures in holy scripture … [Read more...]

Class 92, Elders and Deacons, 1 Timothy

A short description of the book of 1 Timothy and St. Paul's instruction to his Spiritual Son Timothy … [Read more...]