100 Readings in Scripture

Take a journey with us through Holy Scripture from the Book of Genesis through Revelation. This journey will lead us through the major events of salvation history and explore the rich themes and theological meaning of each passage. We will pay special attention to the Church’s interpretation and understanding of these passages of Holy Scripture and how they relate to our lives as Christians. To follow along, download the 100 Scripture Readings List.

Class 55, Proverbs

100 Readings in Scripture, the Book of Proverbs. … [Read more...]

Class 56, Matthew 3.13-4.17

Baptism and Temptation of Christ … [Read more...]

Class 57, Sermon on the Mount, Part I, Ch. 5

1st part in 100 readings series on the Sermon on the Mount … [Read more...]

Class 58, Sermon on the Mount, Part II, Chs. 6 & 7

Sermon on the Mount, part II … [Read more...]

Class 59, Parables of the Kingdom, Matthew 13

100 Readings in Scripture, 6 well-known Parables … [Read more...]

Class 60, The Good Samaritan, Luke, 10.25-37

Class 60 in our 100 readings series … [Read more...]

Class 61, Lost and Found, Luke, 15.11-32

The Parable of the Prodigal Son … [Read more...]

Class 63, Walking on the Water, Matthew 14.22-33

In this 63rd installment of our 100 Readings in Scripture Father Evan explores the passage of Christ walking on the water. … [Read more...]

Class 64, The Blind Man, John, 9.1-42

An explanation of the story of the Blind Man in John's Gospel and its themes. … [Read more...]

Class 65, The Gadarene Demoniac, Mark, 5.1-20

An explanation of the possession of the Gadarene Demoniac. … [Read more...]

Class 66, The Raising of Lazarus, John, 11.1-46

Father Evan describes the meaning and theology of the passage related to the Raising of Lazarus. … [Read more...]

Class 67, The Mystical Supper, Luke, 22.1-46

The meaning of the Eucharist in Holy Scripture … [Read more...]

Class 68, The Arrest, Betrayal, and Trial of Jesus, John, 18.1-40

A description of Jesus' arrest, betrayal, and trial … [Read more...]

Class 69, The Crucifixion, John, 19.1-42

In our series on Holy Scripture we cover the Crucifixion of Christ. … [Read more...]

Class 70, The Resurrection

Class 70 in our series of 100 readings on the Resurrection and its meaning to Christianity … [Read more...]

Class 71, The Ascension & Post Resurrection appearances

The 71st class in our 100 series looks at the meaning and theology of the Lord's Ascension and the post-resurrection appearances of Christ. … [Read more...]

Class 72, Pentecost

The 72nd class in our 100 series looks at the meaning and theology of Pentecost and what the coming of the Holy Spirit means to us personally and … [Read more...]

Class 73, Acts 3-5, Beginning of the Church: Growth and Persecution

In this class, we consider the start of the church and its growth along with the persecution of the early followers of Jesus Christ. … [Read more...]