Bible Studies

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Class 77, Saul’s conversion & healings by Peter, Acts 9

We investigate the conversion of St. Paul and two healing by Peter. … [Read more...]

Class 62, Gospel of Luke, 3.21-22, Part 8

The meaning of Christ's baptism and part I of our baptism … [Read more...]

Class 76, Gentiles Received, Acts 10-11:18

What does the challenge of receiving non-Jews mean for the emerging Church? … [Read more...]

Class 61, Gospel of Luke, 3.21-22, Part 7

Theology of Christ's baptism, part II … [Read more...]

Class 75, Acts 8, Evangelism in Samaria & the Ethiopian Eunuch

Acts 8 description and meaning … [Read more...]

Class 60, Gospel of Luke, 3.21-22, Part 6

We begin to look at the meaning and theology of Jesus' baptism and what this means for humanity and the Church. … [Read more...]

Class 74, Acts 6-7, The Martyrdom of Stephen

What does Stephen's martyrdom mean to the Church and subsequent followers of Jesus. … [Read more...]

Class 73, Acts 3-5, Beginning of the Church: Growth and Persecution

In this class, we consider the start of the church and its growth along with the persecution of the early followers of Jesus Christ. … [Read more...]

Class 59, Gospel of Luke, 3.21-22, Part 5

In this 5th lecture on the baptism of Christ we examine the two verses in Luke's Gospel that record the event. … [Read more...]