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Class 20, Gospel of Luke, 1.43-45

The meeting of Elizabeth and Mary, final part … [Read more...]

Class 19, Gospel of Luke, 1.39-42

The meeting of Elizabeth and Mary … [Read more...]

Class 18, Gospel of Luke, 1.33-38

Final lecture on the Annunciation passage … [Read more...]

Class 17, Gospel of Luke, 1.31-32

Key verses in understanding the humanity and divinity of Jesus Christ … [Read more...]

Class 16, Gospel of Luke, 1.27b-30

The prophecy of Jesus' birth, the person of Mary … [Read more...]

Class 15, Gospel of Luke, 1.26-27

We discuss the terms virgin, betrothed, house of David and their significance in Holy Scripture … [Read more...]

Class 14, Gospel of Luke, 1.26

Intro to the prophecy of Jesus' birth, The Annunciation … [Read more...]

Class 13, Gospel of Luke, 1.18-25

Final lecture on the prophecy of St. John's conception … [Read more...]

Class 12, Gospel of Luke, 1.17b

2nd part of verse 17 and its meaning. Place of repentance before acceptance. … [Read more...]